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Everything your pet needs

We have a multi-pronged approach to behavior. We find ways to help you meet all of your dog's needs, including exercise, socialization and stimulation. Second, we provide you with the training and resources needed to overcome any behavior, whether that is basic training, aggression, fear, or something else.

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Dog Training

Teaching you and your dog

Most clients need between three and five sessions to reach their goals. We work with you in your home and community so that we you can apply our techniques to your pup's every-day environment. We prefer to work with the whole family because it's important that training is applied consistently. Each session is catered to you and your family's needs and lifestyle.

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Behavior Consulting

Solving Difficult Behaviors

If you are having problems with specific issues, like fear, aggression, anxiety, leash reactivity, or anything else, we can help. Our lead trainer has worked with over a hundred aggressive dogs and many fearful dogs. We can help your dog learn to self calm. For CATS, we can help you with inappropriate urination and  socialization with cats or humans.

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